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Ben Barnes for HungerTV (x)

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Ben Barnes
lol re-uploaded


Blog Maintenance.

I have decided that this blog will become a Ben Barnes/Benedict Cumberbatch blog. From the feedback i got, i’m pretty much sold on the idea. If you don’t like it, there’s a Unfollow button. I’m open to URL suggestions, I have a few ideas myself.. (but they’re shiit..) I wont delete any of the past posts, so, you can still reblog those. 

Maintenance Includes: 

  • A change of theme. 
  • A change of Icon. (It could chop and change, idk)
  • The description of the blog changed.
  • URL changed (Suggestions?)
  • Tag pages (? Is that what you call them? Idk)
  • Info Pages. 

and maybe a hiatus….

A couple of days at the least. Just until i get everything up and running again. 


I think i’m going to be looking for a friend to co-moderate this blog (I say friend, cause i consider you all my friends♥) Please leave a message on here or my personal (here.) I really really really hope you guys help me. I can’t get on much and it would make life so much easier. Thanks!


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GUISE, GUISE, What if i turn this into a Binny AND Benedict blog? 

Does it solve problems? I think so :D What do you think?

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hellyesbenbarnes replied to your post: …..

Why is it?

I don’t really find him attractive anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and he’s talented, and i will continue to follow his work, but, you know, you kind of move on.. I’m kinda into Benedict Cumberbatch now. Apparently i like the “weird ones.” lol. So yeah, that’s why. I guess he fits into the ‘cute’ section with Zac and, uh, some other people. 

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